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Village Locksmith Store Secaucus, NJ 201-367-1920Wear and tear are not just restricted to the lock what we fail to understand sometimes that even the key is subjected to daily usage and may have become weak due to constant operation. Keys that have been in operation for a long time or the ones that are made of cheap material may break into the lock during operation. Picking out a key that broke into the lock is not as easy as it sounds. You may think that you will be easily able to pick out key but what you fail to understand is that while trying to do so, you will most definitely damage the lock as well. That is why it is important to seek professional help and if you are a resident of Secaucus, NJ, you can reach out to Village Locksmith Store for help. We will not only pick out the key without breaking the lock but we will also create a new key for you on the spot in no time.


What causes a key to break?

Keys are built to last for years but sometimes they might not last even a couple of months. There are two main reasons that lead to a key breaking into the lock:

  1. Presence of ‘weak points’

Inaccurately cut key lead to the development of keys that may have weak points. These keys may not last constant usage and start to jam in the lock and eventually break during operation.

  1. Use of light-weight materials

Choosing a prime manufacturer while buying a lock and key is important! A not so well-known manufacturer may have used light-weight material which will definitely break the key into the lock.

Key trouble? Call in the experts

As mentioned above it is highly imperative to call an expert if a key broke in lock. Instead of trying to pick the key out yourself, you need to seek external help. Choosing an expert eliminates two possibilities. One, you won’t end up damaging the lock, hence saving unnecessary repair costs. Two, you will also get a new key right on the spot if you choose a smart locksmith firm like Village Locksmith Store.

Why choose Village Locksmith Store?

If your key broke in lock, you need to hire someone who knows how to effectively pick out the broken part of the key without damaging the lock. Unlike other firms who will look to make more money out of your misery, Village Locksmith Store always try to do more by charging less. We always try to make sure that the key can be taken out without damaging the lock but if that is not possible we repair or replace the lock then and there.

If a key broke in lock at your home, car or office, call us on 201-367-1920 to get immediate help.